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Ever wonder what data can be retrieved from workplace devices in a forensic investigation? Then wonder whether the investigation is being conducted in compliance with privacy regulations? Then come listen to a Forensic Expert share his knowledge on the range of possibilities of data extraction from workplace technologies, followed by the Acting Privacy Commissioner sharing his insight on issues of compliance and procedures as regulated by applicable Privacy Acts in BC and Canada. The discussion will be moderated by an experienced labour lawyer with insights into questions of arbitral admissibility.

The Panel:  Drew McArthur, Steve Wilson, Lindsay Waddell (moderator)

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The  BC Industrial Relations Association (BCIRA) is a non-profit organization, established in 1979, and dedicated to providing a forum for open debate and the dissemination of information on current labour relations issues in British Columbia.

The BCIRA is affiliated to the Canadian Industrial Relations Association and the Industrial Relations Research Association. Members are free to participate in the meetings of these organizations in addition to the BCIRA. The Association is governed by an executive committee consisting of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary-Treasurer and between three and six Members-at-Large, selected to reflect the varied constituencies it serves.

Since its foundation, the BCIRA has been located in the Faculty of Commerce (now the Sauder School of Business) at the University of British Columbia. Our dinner functions are attended by a broad labour relations community comprised of management, unions, neutrals, government officials and academics. We look forward to seeing you at the events.


What We Do

The BCIRA includes professionals and academics in industrial relations in British Columbia. We have three dinner meetings each year, in Vancouver, BC.

At each dinner meeting we have a panel of speakers on a topic of current interest. Membership is open to all who are interested.


Who We Are

BCIRA members are a diversified group comprised of representatives from:

Private and public sector unions at both the local and provincial levels

Private and public sector LR/HR management representatives from companies and organizations including employer associations

Mediators, arbitrators

LR/HR consultants

Legal counsels representing management and labour

Academics focused on LR/HR

Please visit our Events Page here to learn more about our upcoming dinners and meetings.