September 22, 1999

“The BC Labour Movement Faces the New Millenium”

Jim Sinclair, President, BC Federation of Labour

The Executive Council of the BC Federation of Labour elected Jim Sinclair as the Fed’s new president in May. Jim was a member of the Executive Council representing the United Fishermen and Allied Workers’ Union/Canadian Auto Workers Union, and a staff member of the UFAWU since 1982. He was the lead negotiator in industry-wide negotiations in the fishing union.

Jim will be filling one of the most important positions in the province–the leader of 450,000 members of the BC Federation of Labour and a spokesperson for labour on many issues.

He will be making his first major speech to a non-labour audience at the next BCIRA meeting, outlining his vision for the future of labour in a climate of changing economic and political conditions.

May 5, 1999

“Oh What a Tangled ‘Weber’ We Weave”

Wayne Moore, Arbitrator
John Hall, Arbitrator and Mediator
Rory McDonald, Arbitrator

Since the Supreme Court of Canada brought down its decision in Weber vs Ontario Hydro, arbitrators have been wrestling with its implications when resolving disputes between employers and employees. Weber held that many disputes arising between unionized employees and employees must go to arbitration, not the courts. This decision has been examined in many employment disputes.

What is the Weber decision and how is it being applied by arbitrators?

To help us answer this question we have a panel of three experienced arbitrators.

Our first speaker is Wayne Moore who acted as union counsel until going to the Labour Relations Board from 1984-87. Since then he has been in private practice as an arbitrator and has continued to act as counsel. Wayne has taught IR at UBC and BCIT, and is currently VP of the Arbitrators’ Association of B.C. He will give an overview of Weber and its implications.

Our next two speakers will offer their experiences in applying Weber in recent cases.

John Hall is now in private practice as an arbitrator and mediator. He has also been appointed as a part-time Vice-Chair at the Labour Relations Board. Prior to this, John was the Associate Chair, Adjudication at the Labour Relations Board. John will provide an arbitrator’s perspective.

Our final speaker is Rory McDonald. As of April 1, Rory has established himself in private practice as an arbitrator. Previously, he was a partner in McTaggert Ellis for over 30 years, acting as counsel and since the 80’s, as an arbitrator. Rory recently addressed the impact of Weber in an arbitration award, Fording Coal.